jan 022014
Anne's Image of the Day: spiral galaxies NGC 4725 & 4712

January 2, 2014 NGC 4725 & NGC 4712, spiral galaxies in Coma Berenices Image Credit & Copyright: Robert Gendler, Subaru Telescope (NAOJ), Hubble Legacy Archive Color Data Courtesy: Adam Block, Bob Franke and Maurice Toet Image Assembly and Processing : Robert Gendler NGC 4725 is a barred spiral galaxy of more than 100 thousand light-years across, [continue reading]

jul 012013
Anne's Image of the Day: Interacting Galaxies Arp 295

July 1, 2013 As of today these pictures with descriptions will be named “Anne’s Images of the Day”, so its abbreviation won’t be confused with the famous  “APOD” images from NASA.   Arp 295, a pair of interacting galaxies in Aquarius Image Credit: Arne Henden (US Naval Observatory, Flagstaff); Image Processing: Al Kelly Arp 295 [continue reading]

jun 012013
Anne's Picture of the Day: Interacting Galaxies NGC 3169/66

June 1, 2013 NGC 3169 and NGC 3166, interacting galaxies in Sextans Image Credit & Copyright: Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona (http://skycenter.arizona.edu/gallery/Galaxies/NGC3166) NGC 3169 (left) and NGC 3166 (right) are two interacting spiral galaxies, located some 70 – 75 million light-years away in the constellation of Sextans (the Sextant). The picture spans about 400,000 [continue reading]

mei 232013
Rare Galaxy Merger Gives New Insights of Galaxy Evolution

  A rare encounter between two gas-rich galaxies spotted by ESA’s Herschel space observatory indicates a solution to an outstanding problem: how did massive, passive galaxies form in the early Universe? Several telescopes have teamed up to discover a rare and massive merging of two galaxies that took place when the Universe was just 3 [continue reading]