feb 022013
Milky Way’s Most Distant Stellar Stream Confirmed

  A stream of at least 150 ancient variable stars has been confirmed to extend some 130,000 light-years beyond our own galaxy’s stellar halo — on the fringes of the Intergalactic Medium, where aside from hot gas and dark matter, space-time becomes as sparse as the deep Sahara. The central disk of our Milky Way [continue reading]

okt 272012
Milky Way Caught Gobbling Up a Star Cluster

  Yale astronomers have caught the Milky Way having a snack. Using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, researchers have discovered a stream, of stars believed to be the remnant of an ancient star cluster slowly being ingested by the Milky Way, Earth’s home galaxy. A map of stars in the outer region of the Milky Way [continue reading]