nov 112012
New Radio Telescope Predicted to Find 700,000 New Galaxies!

  Australia’s newest radio telescope is predicted to find an unprecedented 700,000 new galaxies, say scientists planning for CSIRO’s (1) next-generation Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP). The simulated galaxies ASKAP surveys WALLABY and DINGO.  WALLABY will survey a large portion of the sky and is predicted to find 600,000 new galaxies. DINGO will survey a smaller section [continue reading]

okt 222012
Chances to Find Intelligent Life Increased by New Telescopes

  How do planetary systems form? What do the surfaces of stars look like? Does life exist elsewhere in the Universe? Astronomers have developed many theoretical models, but until now the ability to validate these with observations has been severely constrained by the telescope capabilities available. Dust ring around the star Fomalhaut is seen by [continue reading]