jun 302012
Confirmed: Titan has a Subsurface Ocean!

  Nothing like it has been seen before beyond our own planet: large tides have been found on Saturn’s moon Titan that point to a liquid ocean – most likely water – swirling around below the surface. A possible scenario for the internal structure of Titan, which includes a global subsurface ocean beneath an icy [continue reading]

jun 152012
Surprise: Tropical Lakes on Titan!

  NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has spied long-standing methane lakes, or puddles, in the “tropics” of Saturn’s moon Titan. One of the tropical lakes appears to be about half the size of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, with a depth of at least 3 feet (1 meter). Saturn’s rings lie in the distance as the Cassini spacecraft [continue reading]

apr 192012
Cassini Finds Titan Lake is like a Namibia Mudflat

A new study analyzing data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft suggests that the lake, known as Ontario Lacus, behaves most similarly to what we call a salt pan on Earth. A group led by Thomas Cornet of the Université de Nantes, France, a Cassini associate, found evidence for long-standing channels etched into the lake bed within [continue reading]

apr 022012
The sounds of Mars and Venus are revealed for the first time

In a world first, the sounds of Mars and Venus are revealed as part of a planetarium show in Hampshire this Easter. Despite many years of space exploration, we have no evidence of the sound of other planets. While most planetary probes have focused on imaging with cameras and radar and a couple have carried [continue reading]

mrt 252012
News in Brief: Highlights from the 43rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, The Woodlands, Texas, March 19-23

Geologic activity and weather on Saturnian moons, and studies in Greenland to learn about Mars CHANGING PLANET Researchers believe icy moon Dione (shown here in front of Saturn) may once have been geologically active. NASA, JPL, Space Science Institute Saturn moon shows some action Dione, a lesser-known Saturnian moon, has been — and might still [continue reading]

mrt 242012
Happy Birthday Titan!

Saturn’s Earthlike Moon – Target of Proposed ‘TiME’ Mission – Discovered in 1655 On March 25, 1655, Dutch astronomer Christiaan Huygens, using a telescope he built himself, observed a small bright dot suspiciously close to the planet Saturn. Huygens correctly surmised that it might be a moon of that planet, and confirmed as much by [continue reading]