aug 152012
Evidence of Dark Matter Found?

  Gamma-ray photons seen emanating from the center of the Milky Way galaxy are consistent with the intriguing possibility that dark-matter particles are annihilating each other in space, according to research submitted by UC Irvine astrophysicists to the American Physical Society journal Physical Review D. 360-degree panorama view of the Milky Way Galaxy (an assembled [continue reading]

aug 082012
Shedding Light on the Existence of Dark Matter

  A global team of scientists looking for evidence of the existence of dark matter announced that they found none from the leading candidates. The analysis of 13 months of data at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory (LGNS), a collaborative effort led by Elena Aprile, professor of physics at Columbia University, provided no evidence for the [continue reading]

mei 242012
The Search For Dark Matter Goes On

  With LUX ZEPLIN Berkeley Lab researchers seek to increase the sensitivity of LUX, the most sensitive search for dark matter yet, by orders of magnitude.   The Bullet Cluster of galaxies is shown in visible light, x-ray emission (pink), and the calculated distribution of invisible dark matter (blue). Dark matter can be measured on [continue reading]